What You Meant to Say: A Model of Authenticity Everyone Can Relate To

Imagine one of those times where, after an important conversation, you think of what you really wanted to say instead of what you actually said.

Your personal narrative is a fundamental journey of self-discovery, that marks the difference between confidence — knowing with certainty what you are capable of and stand for — and bravado, which is putting a brave front over insecurity and uncertainty.

We all face challenges when public speaking (coaching can transform that) however, it’s not about winning an Oscar, it’s about being natural and sincere.

In many respects, like expressing ourselves, connecting with others is also about preparation. You will encounter different personalities, all of which need a slightly different approach.

Being authentic means acknowledging that we can all be caught up in trends and fads that divert us from clear, constructive progress. If you are humble in the face of that complexity, and realise you need to be mindful of it, you can become a more authentic version of yourself.