Voices of Business: two leaders on Brexit

At AGL, we work with leaders from many different walks of life but in particular with business leaders.

We believe that business leaders deserve a louder, more compelling voice in the national conversation than they now enjoy; and that it might be a better informed and more intelligent conversation if they had one.


We have therefore decided to use this space, from time to time, to draw attention to expressions of opinion by business leaders which appear to us to be of greater than usual interest, importance and force; and, whatever they may be, and on whatever subject, to qualify as authentic, responsible, high quality leadership.

Drawing attention to them doesn’t of course mean endorsing them; and this is especially true where expressions of political opinion are concerned.

Today, at the beginning of what promises to be a historic week, it is the turn of two leaders with contrasting points of view on Brexit:  Lord Bamford, Chairman of JCB; and Juergen Maier, CEO of Siemens UK.

Lord Bamford’s article in The Daily Telegraph of 11thJanuary,on the trade implications of a no-deal Brexit, may be found here.

Juergen Maier’s blog, of 6thJanuary, on the irresponsibility of too many elements of the Brexit debate, and above all of too many politicians, may be found here.