Philip Woodford.

Philip has always believed that we are more than we think we are, especially if we’re prepared to get out of our own way and allow our authentic voice to reach others.

That philosophy has taken him from the advertising world into life as a barrister advocate before performing as a professional actor in numerous shows including a season at the 2017 Edinburgh Festival with his own show “The Hero who Overslept” about the threat from climate change.

His continuing fascination with how we humans show up as our best self  has found a perfect fit at AGL and is supplemented by his ongoing psychotherapeutic training to enhance the benefit he offers clients.

He has been coaching at all levels for over 20 years and has developed an intuitive and insightful style, combined with a clear methodology to provide the most reassuring space for individual development.

Recent AGL Clients: Vodafone, Lazards, Galapagos Trust and Weidenfeld Hoffman Trust Back to Team