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Lucy Gordon Lennox.

Lucy has been AGL’s Group Chairman since October, 2018.

She has, though, been part of the life of the company for far longer:  as a “schools” coach; as an NLP consultant; and as a photographic artist.

Her interest in young people and their education is as broad as it is deep.  In addition to her work with AGL, she has taught in apartheid-era townships in South Africa; worked, just post-Ceausescu, in one of Romania’s then notorious orphanages; and founded, and for many years led, a successful South London nursery school.

A former student of the International Center of Photography in New York, she brings a similar passion and sincerity to her work as a photographer and artist.  She has a special affinity with the immediacy and truthfulness – or rawness – of Polaroid; and some years ago, AGL commissioned her to produce a series of atmospherically raw Polaroids that would shed light upon, and help dramatise, our work and our worldview.  Entitled The Word on the Street, it was urban, gritty and powerful; and composed entirely of massively enlarged Polaroids of graffitied words and phrases.

The sister of our late founder, Anthony Gordon Lennox, Lucy shares not only his international mindset (and life experience) but also his commitment to authentic communication. Back to Team