Talking About Authenticity with Silicon Roundabout’s Pioneering Women

This year, we’re proud to announce AGL’s sponsorship of the Women of Silicon Roundabout 2019 conference at London’s Excel, from June 25th-26th.

As part of the hugely successful Women in Technology World Series, the event brings together female tech industry leaders and pioneers, to address the role of women in technology –  an industry dominated by the big male names of Silicon Valley.

Promoting Authentic Communication in the Digital Workplace

AGL has spent years crafting communication programmes that empower leaders to overcome their confidence issues, and equip them with the ability to connect more effectively with others within their organisation.

We know that in today’s era of digital transformation – as digital tools link organisations across teams and divisions – making human connections through authentic communication has never been more important. From the C-suite, right down to fresh graduates, our work helps people find your authentic voice, so that they’re able to communicate in a way that’s both compelling and impactful.

Our goal is enabling authentic leadership that inspires change and innovation, takes people on a journey, and gets things done.

Building confidence for women in leadership

Our work has taken us into workplaces around the world where women in leadership roles can find it hard to make themselves heard, especially when communicating with boards and investors. Our expertise is centred around delivering tailored 1-to-1 coaching for leaders and group workshops, empowering people with the skills and confidence they need to overcome these challenges and achieve their goals.

AGL worked with Monica Lewinsky to help her develop her personal narrative and content, ahead of her 2015 TED Talk. We have also worked with pioneering female leaders, like Leena Nair – CHRO at Unilever – to hone her presentation skills for conferences and board meetings.

AGL at Women of Silicon Roundabout

At our exhibition stand, attendees can come and learn more about our work. Two of our own leaders – Dan Leatherdale and Christianne Davies –  will also be holding a seminar that addresses the critical role that authentic communication plays within modern organisations.

To celebrate the event, we’ll also be posting a series of useful primers on our social media channels that address the typical communication challenges that affect leaders in today’s workplaces. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium for more.

And finally…

Use the promo code AGL20 to get 20% off the standard ticket prices for this event, and  don’t forget to visit us at stand K7 when you come, to share your own experiences of communicating as a woman in business.