Writing well – with confidence, clarity and authenticity – can be hard, but it is often essential.

Our writing services are infused with the same values, and informed by the same approaches as all of our work.

We write speeches, brand narratives and various types of copy for internal and external audiences. We also coach people, so they can write well for themselves. 


In this way, we can make words and communication really work for you.

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We write speeches for a range of business and political leaders, as well as high profile figures in the arts and beyond.

Sometimes we write to a brief, for example when a team is due to present together at a product launch or investor event – or when already we have a deep understanding of your core messages and objectives.

Other times, and perhaps more usually, we write with you – getting to know you and your ideas; and evolving both tone and content through conversation, trial and error, and rehearsal.

Either way, we remain faithful to our core principle: for your words to have maximum impact, they must be convey you as well as your ideas – and they must be as simple and as vivid as we can make them.

Copywriting & editing

We offer a live and responsive editing and copywriting service for senior leaders and their teams to draw on at will. This can be done remotely; or, if the work requires it, we might come and spend time on site.

Clients may bring us in at the start of a project so that we can help them design and plan deliverables around specific audiences and channels. Alternatively, we are brought in to advise on work-in-progress drafts of writing, helping make the words more impactful, more vivid, more effective.

Examples of our work in this area include:


Helping the leadership team of a global media business prepare its year-end investor communications.


Creating content for an international consumer business to create an internal buzz around employee incentive schemes.


Supporting an HR team as they looked to add life to their recruitment activities with a newly drafted employee value proposition.

Executive writing skills development

We are regularly asked to help people develop their writing and content-creation skills. Often this will be when they have been tasked with preparing content for senior stakeholders.

We do this through bespoke workshops that align participants around best practices and encourage a consistent tone of voice. The starting point may be an internal communication campaign, or it might be that a skills gap has been identified across a specific group of colleagues.

While all our work is bespoke, we typically go through the following phases:


We conduct an audit of the content that our target cohort has created. This helps us understand the context in which you operate and identify key learning needs.


We share insights with you and use them as the basis for workshop design – while also developing tools and case studies to help you bed in best practices for the future.


In small group workshops, participants evolve live pieces of work while being introduced to bespoke, practical exercises, tools and techniques - from how to structure content, to detailed elements of style and core techniques like storytelling.

Business & brand narrative

A narrative can take many forms – from simple visuals to written prose to short films and packs of materials for distribution.

In essence, it is the story of an organisation – where it has come from, where it is now and where it hopes to get to. Above all, it is a powerful articulation of the vision, values and practices of the organisation and its members, sending out a clear signal that cuts through noise and helps crystallise the roles people will play in achieving a shared goal.

While each project is different, these are the broad phases we would normally expect to go through:

Finding the story

WHAT? We engage your stakeholders and scope out the narrative - including key messages, illustrative stories, ‘look and feel’ and appropriate channels.

HOW? Interviews, focus groups, desk research.

Shaping content

WHAT? We agree key narrative building blocks with the leadership, and then create the full narrative and draft toolkit which we test and refine through focus groups.

HOW? Leadership team workshop, focus groups.

Getting aligned

WHAT? We run an alignment session with the leadership team and stakeholders, bringing the finished narrative to life and agreeing the plan for phase four, and the role leaders will play in it.

HOW? Leadership team workshops

What our clients say?

“Everyone I’ve spoken to agrees that your sessions are probably the best personal development workshops we’ve ever been on – and for me that includes the courses I did during my MBA”

“It’s quite amazing how far everyone has come on in just the two sessions.”
Senior Manager, High Street Bank
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