There are moments when our ability to connect with people, to communicate with presence and impact, makes a real difference.

For example, you might be a new or established leader, looking to bring your vision and strategy to life.

You might be introducing change and need to communicate it to people.
You might be going in front of the media, or talking to key external stakeholders and potential investors.

You might be about to give a speech, to either a private or corporate audience.

Or you may simply feel you and your colleagues would benefit from greater skills and confidence in high-stakes conversations or presentations.

Whatever the situation, your success depends on how you come across and the connection you make with your audience. Even the best communicators need help if they are to be at their best and their most compelling in these situations – something that takes reflection, feedback and practice.



Our coaching can be your secret weapon.

Individual coaching

We work closely with individuals, creating programmes of 1:1 coaching that give them the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to perform at their best, consistently.

Small group coaching

We work with groups of 4-6 people in sessions designed to promote peer-to-peer insight, boost internal engagement and encourage alignment on key messages.

Team coaching

We work with new or existing teams, helping them come together with a shared sense of purpose, values, ways of working and measures of success - crucially, setting them up to be ambassadors for their work.


We often run sessions with larger groups of people. This helps budgets to stretch further and for programmes to touch more people more quickly - making them a very valuable addition to the coaching toolkit.

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Our approach

Our approach to coaching is practical, based on a blend of evidence-based psychology and the experience, judgement and intuition of a diverse and specialist team.

Effective communication is rooted in the individual and their sense of self, so we work to the grain of your character and situation rather than to the tenets and formula of a communications rulebook. Tips of the trade are only helpful when built on self-awareness – what it feels, and sounds, like to express yourself with authenticity.

With that in mind, our work explores the following five areas (or steps) that we know will improve a person’s impact.

Virtual coaching

All of our coaching work can be delivered online and virtually, for example using Zoom or Webex, together with video-capture technology, so we can employ exercises similar to those we would use in the room with people.

Clearly, there are significant logistical advantages to this, not least in ensuring that we can avoid interruptions to service such as those that are being caused by coronavirus.

We follow the same processes, base our work on the same principles, share the same models, and the work is delivered by the same group of coaches – we simply make the following adaptations:

– Duration: We reduce the session duration to 90 minutes (and reduce the fee accordingly)

– Between-session tasks: We set more tasks for the coachee to complete between sessions (that we then review together)

– Advance materials: We provide more content in advance, for example for reading or watching by the coachee, that we then refer to during our time together online

Working with young people

As well as working with leaders, we love to provide a version of our coaching services to young people.

Whether applying for university or for a first role in a long career, young people will all find themselves, at some point, facing new challenges and in new environments. It can be profoundly empowering to have had support in preparing to tell one’s story with confidence, credibility and authenticity.

This is what it means to find your voice and turn up as your best self – so you can relish fresh opportunity without hiding behind a mask.

Five important steps

1. Knowledge & awareness

We help clients build their understanding of themselves and how they come across, as well as their knowledge of their organisations and audiences.

2. Confidence & mindset

A key factor of success is our "self-efficacy" – the level of belief we have in our ability to perform well (even in the face of imposter syndrome). Our work builds confidence.

3. Skills & behaviours

We help people develop and refine their skills so they can consciously make decisions that help them be at their best.

4. Tools & techniques

We equip people with tools and techniques that they can adapt and use in order to get things done reliably and efficiently.

5. Words & messages

It is not enough to have the right ideas, we need them to connect with people. We help clients choose and refine the messages, words and stories that will feel right and land well.

The AGL authenticity model

Our work touches on the three levels in our authenticity model. These levels, when activated, form a virtuous cycle in which each element enhances all the others, leading to communication that is anchored in a strong sense of self and that enables us to really connect with others.

Building a foundation for authentic communication

A sample session

We explore known strengths and felt development needs, mapping out communication goals and measures of success
We build self-awareness using camera and playback, exploring what it is like to be on the receiving end of your communication
We work on non-verbal elements to help you bring content to life and engage with audiences
We develop your personal narrative so you can anchor personal communication in a clear, consistent and authentic set of messages that also support the business narrative
We plan the next session and write a comprehensive report capturing key themes, feedback and advice

After a first session such as this, we would move on to apply these insights to specific needs in further sessions – e.g. working on an upcoming piece of communication

What our clients say?

“Everyone I’ve spoken to agrees that your sessions are probably the best personal development workshops we’ve ever been on – and for me that includes the courses I did during my MBA”

“It’s quite amazing how far everyone has come on in just the two sessions.”
Senior Manager, High Street Bank
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