Our services.

All our work is based on a combination of art and science, and is infused with the same conviction: that we feel and perform at our best when we are being ourselves.

Our services break down into four areas: coaching, writing, insight and special advisory. Some clients benefit from a blend of all four, while, for others, just one may be right.

In all cases, the aim is to help clients, and their companies, build self-awareness and communicate at their best so they can bring people with them and get things done.


We coach individuals, small groups, large groups and new or established teams.

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We write speeches, business narratives, and a range of internal and external copy, to help clients communicate with confidence, clarity and authenticity.

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We offer strategic communications advice, conduct diagnostic research and run qualitative perception audits to generate meaningful insight for leaders and their teams.

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Special advisory

Our Special Advisory team offers writing, thinking, coaching and networking in a way that’s tailored to your needs via three distinct membership offerings.

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