Talking to the media.

We live in a world where trust in traditional authority figures, institutions, and now information channels has gradually been eroded to the point that the essential truth of common facts is being called into question.


We believe the answer lies in a commitment to authenticity – finding ways to take off the mask and speak as yourself in order to build trust and break down dissonance.

Our media coaching will help you to bring your best and most confident self to any interview, so that you feel ready to speak in a way that feels right and authentic, rather than overly polished or slick.

We do this by helping you to articulate the aspects of your personal narrative that bring your business message to life. It’s this that supports you to speak to the media with conviction and a unique point of view, rather than a corporate mouthpiece, seemingly just toeing the party line.

We combine this coaching process with technical knowledge of the rules of engagement, and the mindset and techniques that will help you to manage questions skilfully, without being defensive.

Our coaching team includes a former ITN reporter, a Channel 4 News producer, a seasoned print journalist, and a war correspondent, all of whom are immersed and experienced in using our signature camera-based coaching, focusing on your individual voice and strengths to help you prepare for a range of media scenarios.