Investor communication.

Talking to investors can be daunting – be they potential buyers for your business, or shareholders poring over your annual figures.

It’s thought that for every thousand pitches that an investor hears, he or she will only fund a hundred of them. With those odds, it’s important to plan, craft, and practise a pitch that does you, your team and your business justice.

A recent study from Harvard looked at the factors that influence investors (Balachandra, 2017). The findings were clear: a compelling set of numbers is merely enough to get your foot through the door. A promising pitch-book soon becomes a non-starter if a potential investor doesn’t buy in to the person or team who put it together.

This means establishing trust in individuals and in the ability of a group to work well together. It also means demonstrating one’s ability to innovate, to be receptive to new ideas, to have a strong drive for excellence and a curiosity about the world.

You might not be asking to raise money or inviting a bid for your business – you might simply be updating shareholders on progress and why their investment is safe. Either way, the way that you and your team communicate the story will have a disproportionate effect on whether your stakeholders sustain their belief in you.

How we can help


In order to prepare a team for a management presentation, we start as a group: agreeing objectives, walking through the content, drawing out the narrative flow and looking at the way key messages hang together. From shaping content, we then move towards structured rehearsals.


We also work with individuals to help them fine tune their messaging and present themselves with presence and impact. To support this, we often make use of filming and play-back so people can experience being on the receiving end of their communication.


We also help our clients with the range of communications – from presentations, to internal reports, to speeches – that are required to send a clear and aligned message in a timely way to all interested parties.

What our clients say?

“It’s easy to get caught up in the day-day mechanics of a job and not look at the bigger picture. But you helped me to see how I already make a difference to the business, and how I can improve the way I am perceived by others.”

“I now have a more structured approach to my presentations, a greater degree of self awareness and clear strategies for effective communication.”
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