Brilliant breakfasts…


Women Supporting Women is a Prince’s Trust initiative that helps young women into the education, employment or training they need for a brighter future.

It’s important work, made even more so by Covid-19.  According to PWC, 80% of those who have lost their jobs since the crisis began are women; and two-thirds of these are aged 18-34.

Launched last week, the aim of the Brilliant Breakfast project – in effect, an invitation to people all over Britain to get together for a real or virtual breakfast – is to change lives by raising money for Women Supporting Women.

We are immensely proud at AGL to be among its Founding Supporters.

Against the backdrop of potential new restrictions on all our lives, we used the opportunity to get together virtually as a team, men and women, and to share some uplifting thoughts about life in this strange new Covid world.

It’s in the nature of what we do that everyone in the team is partial to a chat and I expected to hear some amusing stories.  What I didn’t expect was the intensity of emotion – just how strongly people felt about the connections and re-connections we’ve been making since our lives slowed down.

It all felt very real:  the thoughts that accompany a face-to-face encounter with a bull in a field, the daily chore of sweeping up crab apples while caring for an elderly parent, being knocked sideways by the death of Helen Reddy whose song I Am Woman had been a teenage favourite… If the last six months have taught me anything, it’s that there isn’t much point to anything else.

Isn’t it interesting, our ability to make a connection through a screen when there is no agenda other than properly listening to other people’s stories?  We should do more of this, I felt.

Congratulations to The Brilliant Breakfast for already raising £290,000, and still counting.

To find out more, or to donate, go to: