Coronavirus: The power of the human voice in uncertain times

We are in extraordinary times and uncharted territory. When we come out the other side the world might look completely different. Certainly, that’s what it feels like right now.

When life is uncertain, we look to people around us – our friends and neighbours, our families, and, of course, our leaders – to help us try and make sense of what’s happening.

So it’s fantastic that there’s a lot of communication going on. But what we’re saying to our clients through this is remember the power of the human voice.

People don’t just want to read what you have to say, they want to see you, hear your voice, and connect on a more human level. So we’re helping them translate prose into the spoken word; and we’re helping them speak those words into a camera so they can really cut through all the noise.

Here are five of the core principles we share to help with this – read them below or click here to go directly to the video made about them by our CEO, Dan Leatherdale:
  1. Speak with people not at them: try to keep the tone personal and don’t be too scripted, instead prepare but then extemporise from your notes and think live in front of the camera. 
  2. Be simple: it’s not easy when we have important things to say and a number of different audiences, but it’s vital that messages are simple in their structure, in their language and in their intent – trying to do too much is an easy trap to fall into.
  3. Make it sustained: don’t think of it as a one-shot chance; it is an ongoing conversation with a number of touch-points where the relationship develops, rather than an isolated event.
  4. Make people feel not just think:  do this by sharing about yourself, telling stories, using resonant words and speaking to them as you would a friend.
  5. Have a call to action: Once you’ve got people’s attention and interest, use the momentum to drive things forward, even if it’s just asking people to listen to your next message or send back any thoughts.

So those are our five principles. Preparing for this stuff does make a big difference so good luck, and let us know if we can help.